Friday, 26 June 2015

Basic Self Defense Moves Everyone Needs To Know


It's something that everyone should be taught at an early age, but surprisingly not many people strive to know. We constantly hear about people being kidnapped, mugged or even raped. yet we never think that something like that could happen to someone like us.

Let me be honest here. When I hear about people being attacked, it doesn't surprise me. It happens every day numerous times around the world, and every time a new person is attacked, it increases your odds of it happening to you.

Self-defense classes are something I've always wanted to attend, but I've never had the courage. Standing in a room full of people and hitting someone? No thanks. That puts me in the spotlight too much. Which is ridiculous. Surely a few hours of humiliation would be worth it if you could prevent an attack?

It is,

This blog is not so you can also put off the classes yourself, it's so that we can all have some basic knowledge on how to defend ourselves before we can work up the courage to go and learn with some hands on experience.

Ladies and gentlemen you need to wake up. The danger is real. People get attacked in broad daylight, on crowded streets and on buses. The crowds around you are quite likely to not help you at all. And that infuriates me. I really hope by that reading this blog, I can encourage at least one person to learn properly, or even give someone the basic knowledge to not only help themselves but someone else.

If you ever see someone in trouble, please help them. Think about how you would feel if you were that person being attacked, and if you saw someone walk away. Help me change society into a more caring one. We used to help people out of instinct, and now it's instinct to walk away. Help me change that.

Here are some basic self-defense moves to hopefully help anyone who is in a situation in which they need defending:

- If you walk into a building and into an elevator and suspect that someone is following you, then press every button for all the floors. No one is bold enough to try something on you when the doors are constantly opening.

- If someone tries to rob or attack you in your home, head for the kitchen. You have the home advantage here, you know where all the knives and pans are, use them.

- If attacked in a street, the worst thing you can do is stand still. Keep moving around and use all your body parts. You will have a far higher chance of escape.

- Memorise some basic pressure points on the body. This image shows the easiest pressure points to access quickly. Aim for what is closest, a swift kick to the knee can be far more effective than a punch to the face depending on your distance and angle. The easiest places to inflict damage are the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee and legs.

- Getting out of a wrist hold is surprisingly easy. If someone grabs your wrist, pull your arm towards the point where the attacker's fingers and thumb meet. It's a weak connection and you'll easily break through the hold.

- If an attacker approaches you, first off, push them back and yell. It shows you're not an easy target and they might back off.

- You can thrust the sole of your foot into your attacker's knee to get away. The knee is rarely defended and can give you enough time to run.

- Attack their nose. By hitting your opponent's nose with an upwards palm strike, you are more likely to break the nose in an extremely painful way.

- If being attacked from behind, elbow your way out. If you manage to hit the solar plexus, you're golden. Hit it hard and your attacker will have their breath knocked out of them, giving you a chance to run.

- Don't be scared to poke them in the eye. You know how much an accidental eye poke hurts. Imagine how much one that was on purpose would hurt. Don't underestimate the simple attacks.

- Slap their ears. Cup your hand and slam it into your attacker's ear. This stuns the attacker and again gives you more time to run. The ultimate goal is to run.

This website has many useful ways to escape multiple holds and attacks with videos and pictures to help you get out of the situation. It is well worth the read. Please don't just use this article, look up some video's on YouTube when you have five minutes. Look up diagrams on the best way to get away. Safety is valuable, but knowing how to defend your own safety is invaluable. Please alert your friends and family to the dangers and if possible, attend a self-defense class all together to help support one another. Your main objective when in a situation like this isn't to inflict pain, it's to run away. That's your goal.

Please be safe.

Do you know any self-defense? Has this blog taught you anything? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Let us all learn to fight back.


  1. Great overview of some very effective self defense techniques Shannon, in this day and age, knowing a little bit of self defense can go a really long way. A lot of the moves that have been used for hundreds of years in kung fu, are extremely effective against would be attackers.

    Matthew Lawrence @ Kung Fu Philly

  2. It was really interesting! I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Thank you so much for this post on behalf of every girl in the world..!!! Everyone should know basic self defence but these techniques are important to girls very specially. 😊

  4. Thank youThank you for this post, self defense it always an important topic to talk abut and to teach young people.

  5. Thank for for posting this. Indeed, this post is really helpful. Danger is everywhere and we should learn some self defense moves

  6. An article everyone need to read... Never knew when the knowledge will be used. but it's good to get prepared anytime

  7. My friends are going almost a year on Brazilian Jiu Jitsy and I admire them so much. I was never a person who didn't enjoy action movies but when it actually comes to defense I take it like you said, it won't happen to me. But, it did. And I won't allow it to happen again. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. Those are practical self-defense tips. They`re simple but might be very useful.

  9. I enjoyed reading this! Love your writing skills--I was able to have a glimpse of your personality in it. All of your tips are useful and very effective--I had to reshare on pinterest!

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