Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Kitchen And Food Hacks You Haven't Read

I know what you're thinking.

Kitchen and food hacks? But we've read all there is to know!

I also thought that I had read all there is to know. You'd be surprised just how many hacks and tips are still undiscovered on the internet in relation to the kitchen, and a few surprised me.

When you've been cooking for a long time, you pick up a few things along the way. I've been cooking since I was 11. I started learning the trade in high school and kept it going. I'm not saying that I went to college to continue learning, but sometimes the best lessons are learnt at home. I have prepared and cooked many dishes often enough for me to pick up a few things.

I'm sure many of you have had far more experience than I, and so I encourage you all to share your own kitchen tips in the comment section below. I will be telling a mix of hacks that I have found on my own, and a few from the internet!

Here are some of the most surprising kitchen hacks and tips;

- Stop the cling film stick. Putting your cling film (or plastic wrap) in the fridge makes for a far easier time when unrolling the plastic. The chill makes the plastic stick less to itself, and more to what you're trying to cover.

- Fresh honey. De-crystallize your honey by placing the bottle in a bowl with hot water for about 10 minutes. It should de-crystallize your honey and squeeze right out easily again!

- Cleaning the microwave. Place a wet sponge in the microwave and let it spin for a minute. The water in the sponge will soften any hard grime in your microwave and make it easier to clean away.

- Fight fires with baking soda. It's hard to think of doing anything when a fire starts but if you sprinkle some baking soda onto a grease or electrical fire, it should help calm the fire down. You see, baking soda when heated releases carbon dioxide, helping to stifle the flames.

- Replace ice cubes with fruit! Instead of adding an ice cube which waters down your drink, freeze some fruit instead and use them as ice cubes. Experiment with different combinations and enjoy the treat at the end. If you want to spice up a drink with some alcohol, then place the fruit in the ice cube tray and fill it up with whatever alcohol you wish. It adds a double surprise element to any occasion.

- Pitting cherries. An easy way to pit cherries is to place one on top of a soda or beer bottle and grab a chopstick or something similar, push through the cherry into the bottle and the pit should fall into the bottle. It's far easier than spitting out the the pit every time and it keeps all the pits in one place!

- Spreading butter without destroying the bread. The reason why our bread tears so much when we're trying to spread butter is that we're usually using a knife with a serrated edge and not a butter knife. To fix this, just flip the knife over and use the dull edge of the knife to spread your butter!

- Pasta in minutes. Pre soak your pasta in a seal-able bag over night or for a few hours, then when you boil it, it'll be ready in a minute! You could even add the pasta straight to the sauce in the pan!

- Deluxe hot chocolate! Melt a store bought truffle in a cup of warm milk to make your own luxury hot chocolate. It's also a perfect way to eat those truffles from Christmas without having them all at once.

- Get rid of seeds. When cutting a seedy vegetable like a pepper, cut in half and hold it over the bin whilst tapping the skin with the back of your knife. The seeds should fall straight into the bin and saves on mess.

- Steady cutting. When using a chopping board, place a damp piece of kitchen roll underneath to stop the chopping board from moving. This will reduce your risk of cutting yourself greatly.

These aren't rocket science, but I do hope there were a few hacks here that you hadn't heard of before. It's never too late to learn something new, no matter your experience in and out of the kitchen.

What tricks do you use in the kitchen? Leave your comments down below and don't forget to share this with your friends!

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  1. I like your tips, especially the pepper one :D


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