Saturday, 4 July 2015

Tidying Hacks and Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Everyone hates tidying.

I know I do. It's not fun, it's time-consuming and it's a chore.

I usually procrastinate with cleaning and say to myself  'I'll do it later' but then I start to dread later. It doesn't have a specific time, but it looms over you like a dark cloud until it's done. Somewhere along
the line though, I somehow turned into a clean freak.

Now I can't get enough of cleaning and I'm always itching to do more. I don't know how I turned myself around but hopefully these hacks and tips can make cleaning slightly more bearable for you;

- Everything should have it's place. That means that when it comes to tidying, you're not confused about where you should put it and you can easily turn it into a habit of putting things back where they belong.

- Do little bits as you go along. If you notice a dirty mark on the floor, clean it there and then and don't leave it till later. It'll only take a minute and makes a huge difference in your cleaning schedule.

- Avoid using paper. Paper builds up so quickly from bills, magazines to takeaway menus. Clear all of this out and use a paper shredder to protect your personal information. You can also change your bills to a digital from to stop the overflow from happening again.

- Put away your clothes every night. Whether it's dirty or clean, deal with it straight away. It only takes a minute, yet makes so much difference.

- Wash dishes when you can. Washing two plates is a lot easier than washing six. Wash your dishes when you're done with them and you can make a big chore seem small.

- Cover your fridge shelves in cling film. That means that when it gets too messy, it's caught all the spillages and all you have to do is peel it off and replace it! It's so much easier than scrubbing the shelves individually.

- Donate. We have many many items in our households that we don't actually need or want. Dedicate a bit of time each day into cleaning out what you want, what can be binned and what can go to charity.

- Spray a no wipe cleaner when ever you shower. If you have a shower, spray those walls whilst your showering and watch the dirt disappear down the drain.

- Donate some time to tidying. If you donate 10 minutes everyday to tidying or cleaning something around the house, you'll be surprised just how much you can get done.

- Multi task. Cooking dinner? Do some dishes. It's that easy. Whilst waiting on something like the kettle boiling, wipe down the counters.

See how easy these all are? Do a few of these things and I guarantee you will have a tidier and cleaner home in no time!

What are your tidying and cleaning tips? Leave them in the comments below and don't forget to share with your friends!


  1. I also found that playing music you enjoy whilst tidying, especially big tidying sessions, really helps you get into it and seem like less a chore. Great tips! :)

  2. instructions weren't clear accidentally donated my newborn to the salvation army


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