Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Weird Beauty Hacks You Might Not Know; Part 2

Weird beauty hacks.

I didn't think I'd be writing a part 2 honestly, I thought that weird but lazy beauty hacks were a 'one and done' type of blog, but boy was I wrong. 

It was after my last blog that I realised that there are so many more things that I do that I consider weird hacks yet they hadn't even occurred to me when I wrote the first blog post. And other bloggers kept on sharing their weird beauty hacks with me too, even after I said the blog was finished. But it didn't feel like a 'one and done'. It's funny, because after writing this blog, I'll probably still find something that I didn't think of before or I'll read something from one of you guys, and I'll think, I should write a part 3. What do you guys think? Should we do a part 3? Vote in the poll to the side or comment down below!

Anyway, without further ado, here are more weird beauty hacks, that you might not have heard of!

- Blow those creases. Is your top wrinkled? Don't have time to iron? Too lazy to iron? I feel you. The same thing happened to me and I did something that I honestly can't explain. I picked up my hair dryer and pulled at my top to make it taut where the creases were, and blasted them on the high setting. And do you know what? It actually worked. The wrinkles were significantly reduced and it's become my favourite thing to do in the morning; put on top, blow dry it, and marvel at the results! You do have to be careful though, the air is pretty hot and you will feel it on your skin!

- Gel bar razor heads. Here's another that I'm not quite sure I understand how it works. Y'know those razor heads you get for venus razors, the ones with moisturising strips and gel bars? Whenever I would use them, they'd be great on the first use, but after that, they shrunk and weren't as effective. Well, I've found that if you take the razor head off the razor after you've used it and put it back in the plastic packaging, it won't shrink nearly as much and you'll get a longer use out of it.

- Big bust. Does having the size of breasts that you do prevent you from wearing certain tops or shirts because the buttons gape? Wear a sports bra instead of a regular bra. Sports bras flatten down your bust and it should stop the gaping between the buttons! They might not be pretty, but I'm happy to sacrifice that for a top I really like!

- Greasy hair? Are you like me and live off dry shampoo? What I've found is that talcum powder is a good replacement. I know, I know, but you all knew that anyway. Well, what I like to do is take some talcum powder at night and loosely rub it into my roots and other oily areas. That way when I'm sleeping, it's rubbing in over night and catching teh oil and then when I wake up, I don't need to put anything in my hair and it looks really good! I have tried this with dry shampoo but it doesn't work as well for me.

And again as before, let's see some weird beauty hacks from a few other bloggers!

- "Nivea cold cream works as a way to add 'product' to your hair. Taught to me back in about 1990 before 'products' existed. Great for defining short hair without it going solid as a rock!" - Catherine Pickles from WorzelTheLurcher

- "Use a little hairspray to keep your eyebrows in place!" - Katy Stevens from KatyKicker

- "Use a sock instead of a tanning mitt for a streak free tan!" - Neesha Rees from ReinventingNeesha

- "If your hair is greasy straight after washing it, then it means you've got a product build up. Mix a little bicarb (about a teaspoon) into your shampoo to get rid of the product build up." - Emma Drew from FromAldiToHarrods

 - "Here's another great tip and remedy straight from my grandmother - and she swears by it! Mix gram flour (a yellow powder used for making pakoras/bajiyas, can mainly be found in Asian shops) with some yoghurt; then apply once a week to keep the wrinkles away!" Afshan Nasim from Afshanesque

- "I wrap my teabags in foil and refrigerate them after using, then before I do my makeup for a night out, I apply moisturiser to my face, take my teabags out of the fridge and have a 10 minute lie down with them over my eyes - it's cooling and reduces puffiness (plus it chills me out and makes me ready to take on liquid eyeliner haha!)" - Lucinda Kate Hurst from TheFashionFictionary

If you missed The Weird Beauty Hacks You Might Not Know; Part 1, simply click here! What are your lazy but weird beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments down below and don't forget to share this with your friends!


  1. Wow! Will be using these. especially the bicarb in the shampoo! very clever. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Love the one about hairspray to keep brows in place!

  3. Going to try the hairdryer trick and see if it works

  4. Bicarb in shampoo! Definitely gonna try that!

  5. Bicarb in shampoo! Definitely gonna try that!

  6. Some useful tips over here. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. These are all wonderful tips! I'll have to test out the hair dryer and razor hacks to see if it works for me too. (: I'm currently using Downy's wrinkle releaser for wrinkles, it does the job but it's certainly not free, lol. Thanks for the awesome tips. Please keep them coming!!

  8. hairspray on eyebrows and bicarb in shampoo..!!! i am definitely gonna try it!!! all these tips are amazing.. thnx 4 the wonderful post😊😊😘

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  11. I am Going to attempt the hairdryer trap and check whether it works

  12. Blow dry? dude, that's so cool! I'm definitely gonna try that. Thanks!

  13. Great tips. Loves to read this. I'll try some of them :). A part 3 would be nice :).

  14. Nice tips! Hope you can make a part 3 as well this are very useful

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