Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Coconut Oil Mess

Coconut oil has many different uses for us: food, drink, hair, skin, the list is never ending.

You can find many interesting blogs and articles on how you can use coconut oil and I have read most of them. I'm always looking for weird routines to add into my beauty routine so I finally caved and bought myself a little jar of coconut oil.

Now it arrived yesterday and I was so excited to test it in two ways; hair and legs.

It's well known that coconut oil is fantastic for your hair and also that using coconut oil as a shaving cream substitute could moisturise and protect your skin at the same time. So I sat on my bath with my legs hairy and my hair dirty, ready to go.

First thing I'll say is that it smelled amazing, just like a bounty, and I wanted to eat it. I filled up my sink with hot water to melt it and I first used it on my hair. I used quite a generous amount on my ends and half way up my hair and it felt amazing. I then pinned my hair back and focused on my legs.

I spread the oil on both of my legs and started shaving. Now this is where it started getting messy. I was rinsing my razor in the sink and the first thing that I noticed was how the oil was getting everywhere. However, I did find that shaving was easier and smoother. I am notorious for cutting myself when shaving and I only nicked myself twice. My skin felt lovely and soft and I felt I had really got a close shave. My favourite thing about using the oil, is that I didn't need to rinse my legs and dry them. I literally applied the oil, shaved my legs, checked for missed spots and I was done! I love using the oil on my legs and so I was excited about seeing the results on my hair.

When I started rinsing the oil out, I noticed that it was still very oily, but I had high hopes that when I shampoo'd, the oil would be mostly washed away. I used my Inecto Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner which is fantastic for my hair and I thought would match perfectly with the oil. I continued with my normal hair routine and still thought my hair felt a bit too oily. I considered washing it again, but decided to dry it and hope for the best.

I hate drying my hair because it takes so long. I'm growing my hair out and find it a long and tiring task but I persevered and started drying my hair. By the end of it, most of it felt dry but still looked wet so I went to look in the bathroom mirror as it had better lighting. I was shocked to see how oily and greasy my hair looked. It looked wet but was in fact dry. Now I don't know about you, but I like my hair to look dry and clean.

Frustrated, I prepared to wash my hair again. I tried my best to clean the sink as there was still a lot of oily residue left over from me cleaning my razor. How do you clean coconut oil off surfaces by the way?

I washed my hair again and dried it, again. By this point, I had noticed that the oil was all washed out of my hair. That meant that by the time I had dried it, I noticed no difference.

I don't know if I did something wrong but using the coconut oil in my hair didn't leave me with desirable results.

The final results were in. I had amazingly soft, smooth legs, an oily bathroom, and hair that didn't appreciate being washed twice.

I will never use coconut oil in my hair again. On my skin? Definitely. But never in my hair again. It just made it feel and look greasy, worse than before I had washed my hair.

What are your stories? Share below!

How do you find coconut oil? Do you love it or hate it? Share your comments down below and don't forget to share with your friends!


  1. Oh dear! It's not something that I've ever tried, and now I definitely don't want to!

  2. I used to live int he island of tonga and we had coconuts everywhere and used them for so many things from drinks to washing the body and many other uses. An interesting post.

  3. I think the hair experience really depends on the type of hair you have. I have VERY curly hair and I used to put pounds (not really) of hair gel in it to tame the frizzies. Now, I just use a dallop of coconut oil on the ends and it stays smooth and shiny. Like you, I also love it as a skin smoother. I even use it on my face at bedtime!


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