Monday, 17 August 2015

Easy Money On Ebay

We've all fallen into that trap of wanting something new to wear, buying it and never actually wearing it.

I know this problem too well.

I have jeans that are too small, hoodies too big, mountains of bags and so many shoes. These things take
up space and are doing nothing sitting in the back of the closet. Now my first reaction would be to give them to charity, a noble thing to do, but you're not getting any money that way. What I want to do is try selling my unused items on Ebay.

Now I have read a few start up guides on Ebay and read quite a few selling tips, and I want to try selling on Ebay. For those of you who wish to also try something new, here are those tips:

- Photo's. Your photo's should be of a high quality standard, and by that I mean in focus. It also helps to have whatever you're selling, in my case boots, lit naturally and against a neutral or plain background. It also helps to have a few photo's showing all the details and angles of what you're selling.

- Details. For example, my boots are from New Look, a size 6, black leather with a lace up front. So my title could go along the lines of 'Woman's Black Leather Lace Up Boots Size 6 From New Look.' You should provide most of the details in the title to help draw your buyers in. It also helps to put a lot of detail into the description, like what they look like, how used are they and what their average price is. Phrases can also be used like NWT (new with tags), NWOT (new without tags) or EUC (excellent used condition).

- Reserves. It's also been noted that items with free shipping sell more quickly unsurprisingly. Now with the price, you can research online to see how much your item is worth but remember, you have to be competitive. You have to give your buyers a good deal to make them more keen. Using the bidding service can help with drawing the money in, however you have to be careful with your reserve, making it too high can put buyers off. Personally I am going to put a reserve of £4 on my boots to cover the free shipping and hope for the best.

Now if you are already quite familiar with Ebay then this should be easy for you. There is a bit of time required to get a good photo and to get all the necessary details in place. Thankfully Ebay have a lot of your usual questions answered and appear like they are willing to help at every obstacle.

One thing I will say after putting up my own listing is that you need a lot of details about your item, so I highly suggest you have a measuring tape with you when you're filling out the form. I will say it's not always easy to find out information about your product online. I only bought my boots a year ago yet I can barely find any information online about them. I actually had to enlist my mums help.

Be critical with yourself and have a think. Dig around your home and look for items you don't actually want or use any more. You might surprise yourself and gain some money to buy something new.

Hopefully it won't just collect dust like those other items!

To be continued...

Have you used ebay before? Let me know in the comments down below and don't forget to share with your friends!


  1. Good luck with the bidding for your boots! :)

  2. I have never tried ebay but have sold so many of my pre-loved and unused items on this App called OfferUp. I love it because people near your area who has the app can see it and you get to choose your method of payment--I do mine Cash and Pickups only so it's completely hassle free. Other than that all the tips you've given are very useful! I might have to do ebay for my back up selling place :)

  3. These are practical tips. I`ve often come across good items on Ebay but I`m always wary about buying online. This is the reason why it`s important for sellers to reassure potential buyers regarding minor details they might want to be informed of.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with Ebay, When it good - it very good - when it bad - watchout kids they will send out a debt collector out to you. Yeah, I was selling stuffs through there and my seller fees was adding up. So I completely ignored that and I got an angry letter through Ebay that there will be a debt collector coming round to collect the money. I panic and showed it my parents, haha they paid up for me. This was when Ebay was really new and not a lot people used it then.
    However you gave practical advice and hopefully it won't happen with you and anyone else. xx

  5. I haven't tried Ebay but I heard a lot about it. But using it they say is convenient but sometimes we can't avoid anyone's mistake.

  6. I hope to do the same. I usually sell for Craigslist


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