Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Save Money: The Quirky Hacks And Tips

We've talked about the boring ways in which you can save some money, now let's try some fun ones.

This is the second part of a two part blog post where we talk about how to save yourself some money. In the first blog, we talked about the standard ways to save money, drinking water, buying the cheaper brand, using coupons and so forth but now we get to talk about the quirky ways you can save some money that you might not have heard about or expected. Okay, so calling it fun might be a
stretch, but if you're saving money, that extra money can lead to fun.. Right?

Without further ado, here are the quirky ways that you can save yourself some money.

- Don't buy scented drawer liners. Or drawer scented anything. You remember those scented bars of soap you were given for Christmas that you still haven't used? Put them in your clothes drawers. Don't let them just sit in a normal drawer scenting nothing but air, put them in beside your clothes so they can scent your clothes until you want to use that bar of soap for it's original purpose.

- Don't buy shaving cream. Now here's a tip for all those bars of soap that you have lying in your clothes drawers! Simply lather up your desired shaving area with a bar of soap and shave away those expenses! Too cheesy? Don't buy something expensive when you can pretty much replicate the same effect with something you have lying around and if you don't, buy a bar of soap instead, it'll last so much longer for so much cheaper, I promise.

- By presents in advance. Everyone knows that Christmas is a commercial holiday now and that prices rise. So why not buy your Christmas gifts earlier and save some money as well skipping the Christmas rush? Even better, buy next years gifts in the January sales. You're welcome.

- Make your own cards. Who cares if it looks crappy? It's home-made and has a lot more sentimental meaning than a store bought card. Why not make it even more fun and invite your friends and family to try it with you?

- Look around your town. The amount of free activities and classes you can join are unbelievable. Keep your eye on notice boards and on the internet and go along to some free events!

- Shop for clothes in charity shops. You'd be surprised how much cheaper something in a charity shop can be just because it's been donated. Think about it, you have a bigger variety of clothes to look through, you're giving money to charity and you're saving money. Did someone say win win win?

- Dump your change in a box. Got spare change after shopping? Dump it in a box or a cup at the end of the day and try to not dip into it. If you want to do one better, have several of these boxes and label them so you can have separate boxes for 1ps, 2ps, 20ps and so on.

- Take advantage of reward cards in your favourite stores. You can rack up points which you can spend later and you always usually get a special treat on your birthday. What's not to love?

- Take sachets of sauce home. Why not take advantage of eating out and take those sachets home? Use them at home with meals and you could be surprised by what you save. Same goes for sugar and sachets of milk, salt and pepper.

- Make your own soup. Making soup these days is so easy and cheap compared to almost everything else. Look up a recipe and buy some veg, or do what I do and wing it! And if you have a lot, you can freeze some for another day!

- Enter a free lottery! The Free Postcode Lottery allows you to sign up with your postcode and your email and you can possibly win money everyday! Click here to find out more! After all, what's the harm in something that's free?

Like these tips? Got some of your own? Feel free to tell me in the comments below and share with your friends! 

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  1. amazing money saving ideas I must say..!! what I like most is making your own cards and shopping for clothes in charity shops..!! Trying your luck with lottery is not a bad idea either.. thnx for the tips! :)


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