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Tried And Tested: DIY Hair And Face Masks

It sounds simple enough right?

DIY hair and face masks that you can do with ingredients you already probably own. It couldn't be better, you can literally pop down into your kitchen whenever you feel like beautifying yourself. These DIY masks are cheaper, they smell better (kind of) and you know exactly what's in them, whereas with a bought mask, there's many added chemicals.

The following masks I have tried and tested for your convenience. I'll tell you now though, if you do try any of these masks, there's a high chance that it won't look or smell good; I learnt that the hard way.

Without further ado, join me on my messy journey:

- Egg Whites:

All you do is whisk your egg whites with an electronic mixer until you get a thick white froth and that's all your prep for this one. Now egg whites are good for your face and for your hair. Egg whites on your face reduce pore size and combat oily skin, which helps fight acne too whilst on your hair egg whites are fantastic for reducing oiliness and gives your hair a shine.

Now this is extremely messy and smelly to do.

I usually whip up my eggs, dampen my face and put the egg whites on until I feel like it's dry and I do the same with my hair. This is extremely messy and the egg will drip down, so I always found it best to have a large bowl under my face to catch drips. I do find that whenever I use it on my face, my pores tighten up and it really helps my oily skin but on my hair, I didn't really notice a huge difference. I rinsed it out my hair and stuck to my usual shampoo and conditioner hair routine and although it did make my hair a little shinier, it wasn't great enough for me to want to do it again.

However I fully recommend using egg whites on your face, unless you're allergic to eggs then don't do it! I really didn't think that the eggs on your hair was really worth the hassle with the little shine I got though.

- Mayonnaise:

Same principle as the egg whites right? The mayonnaise hair mask is supposed to give you a nice shine, repair breakage and protect your hair from heat damage. All you need to do is dampen your hair, lather mayonnaise all over your hair, stick a shower cap on, wait half an hour and wash it off.

When I did this I actually kept the hair mask on for longer as I was playing a heated game of monopoly with the family, plus I thought that the extra time couldn't do any harm. Now this does smell bad. Like really bad. But you do eventually get used to it. Washing it out can be interesting, and a little tricky but stick with it.

Now when you dry your hair, there's no immediate results. I did find my hair felt a bit softer however I actually had to use heat styling on my hair before I saw the shine. It was a nice shine, a lot better than the shine I got from the egg whites, however the fact I had to straighten my hair before I saw it felt a little contradictory to me.

It did work, my hair felt softer and it definitely had a shine. The smell and washing it out aren't the easiest things to handle but it might be worth it if you want that extra boost.

- Bananas and Honey:

Now this is a double whammy mask as I'll be talking about two masks that are almost similar but for different areas of your hair. For both, you will need bananas and then honey for one.

The first one is a simple banana mask. You mash up a banana really good, the less chunks the better basically, and you massage the paste into your scalp. Banana's on your scalp promote hair growth and keep your roots nourished to keep your growing hair healthy. This mask is supposed to be fantastic for anyone who suffers from dandruff.

The second mask is almost the same. You mash up a banana just like before, except this time, you add 3 tablespoons of honey and mix it all together. Now this is specifically for the strands and ends of your hair. This mask adds shine, softens your hair whilst repairing heat damage.

I tried both at once because, why not? You have to stick a shower cap on afterwards to keep it all in and I kept mine on for 45 minutes. This does look like someone threw up in your hair but smells amazing and let me just say, it's worth it. The honey can be a bit overpowering in smell but you barely smell it when you're washing it out. Speaking of, I rinsed my hair and then washed my hair normally. Really try to go through your hair fully to get all the chunks out if there were any, however I found that when I dried my hair, any leftover bits just brushed straight out.

I found that using these masks really softened my hair and my ends and gave my whole head of hair a beautiful shine. I actually felt that it also gave me a little more volume than usual and my scalp felt really nice too! This was by far my favourite mask to try and I'll definitely be using this again. The smell of your hair afterwards is also amazing guys and worth the mess.

Let me know if you try any of these masks out and let me know how they work for you!

Also feel free to recommend some more food related DIY face and hair masks and I'll try and test them for you! I need your suggestions!

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  1. A nice sharing of DIY mask. It will be more attractive with some photos. I have not tried because I am too lazy.

  2. I had never really thought about using any of these things on my hair! I quite fancy the banana and honey ones. Will try and find some time to give it a go!

  3. I personally use coconut for my hair and turmeric face mask for well my face haha. I've tried eggs on my hair before but did not really feel good to me and I agree it is quite runny which is what threw me off. The banana and honey is very intriguing tho!

  4. I would never have decided on my own to try out these products for a DYI mask!! It's very interesting to read. I only bought masks in the store until now.
    I love banana, so that one sounds the best for me. And I like it to smell nice. What I'm only wondering: I'm a bit scared of the honey haha. Isn't that super super sticky?

    1. It is sticky but it surprisingly washes out pretty easily! Don't be scared to try it!

  5. Please do a tutorial for us with pics. I wish to try it

  6. Wow I can't imagine eggs on my hair or face:D I was using only coconut oil and I can highly recommend it even as body oil:)

  7. I have tried the mayonnaise on my hair and they are indeed great. Tried the egg yolk as well. My mom taught me that and i felt my face all more stretched and smooth. Soon to try the banana and honey. I need to buy both first. Iinihihi

  8. whoah.. hold on the eggs, I better off eating them.. Lol.. good luck to you girls making your hair beautiful.. stay pretty!

  9. Would you believe I've never tried ANY hair mask, homemade or store bought! Some of these sound good though. I don't think I'd like the mayonnaise one but I might give the banana and honey one a try!

  10. I like using all the ingredients you`ve mentioned. When I was young, my mother often use mayonnaise as a conditioner/mask for my hair. I also use the honey as a face mask.

  11. Some of my friends use egg hair mask but I have never tried it before. The smell bothers me.. lol.. I'll try the banana and honey one! :)

  12. I have never tried doing a DIY hair and face mask. Sadly, I just don't have the time. Although the ingredients you've stated are beneficial, I think it's messy and it's a hassle. I'm afraid of the scent sticking to my hair. I wouldn't mind trying the banana and honey hair mask though. -Me-An Clemente of

  13. I tried using mayonnaise when I was a teen. Yeah it made my hair shiny but oh it was so hard to rinse off my hair. Banana and honey tastes yummy but I will try it as a mask soon

  14. I've never tried homemade masks before. Think I'll have a go and the honey hair mark

  15. Lovely DIYs! I love homemade stuff. As someone above me said, it would be cool if you posted some pics too so we can see how it all looks like. Nevertheless, looking forward to your next posts :)

  16. No kidding? I have heard of eggs before, but MAYONNAISE??? I am a noob when it comes to beauty... one thing I learned today. Women go to great lengths to take care of self and look pretty. I do not mean that in a negative way, of course.

    Reading through some of the comments, so yes, it works.

  17. I second Robert's opinion. I have no idea about beauty and stuff. But I must say, your knowledge is quite good. I did read through the entire post and it is quite fantastic how you articulated all your tips in such an informative manner.

  18. My mom uses egg whites as facial mask too! But she doesn't whisk them to a foam though!

  19. I tried egg white to use as face masks and it is indeed effective to open pores problem. What I love about it is that it isn't harmful to any type of skin since it is natural and that you can sure you get an accurate result.

  20. SoundS interesting..I always wanted to try DIY face and hair masks. I think I', going to try the bananas and honey. If it worked for you it might work for me as well. Thank you for trying and sharing!

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