Friday, 19 June 2015

Story Time: Comfort Confidence

I've never been comfortable in shorts.

I always hated my legs and my body. Don't worry though, this isn't about the media.

I have always suffered finding jeans that fit right. I never liked trying on shorts because I was always subconscious that I'd have to buy a bigger size for them to be comfortable around my thighs and it made me feel awful. And ashamed of my body. I hated the idea of buying bigger shorts to be comfortable so I never bothered.

But see, it's not only the media that have fucked with women's confidence issues, it's also the actual stores themselves. This is nothing to do with the models or size of mannequins that are used to promote the clothes. No. This is to do with the sizing system.

I'm sure you've all been made aware of the mismatched sizes in different stores, but being a big hipped girl, I've been struggling with these bizarre sizes for a long time. In one store, I'm a size 14 for jeans and then the next, I'm an 18. It makes no sense at all and it absolutely destroys my confidence.

The most important thing to do as a woman, is just to find a store where you fit into a pair of jeans comfortably and stick with it. That's what I did with Next. The only problem is that you could still pick up the right sized jeans, try them on and find they're too small, because of the sizing issues. It's happened to me a few times, where I've bought the right sized jeans, but then they were too small, probably because the label was wrong, but it's the last thing that any woman needs to experience in today's society.

But recently, I bit the bullet. Instead of buying shorts that were too tight and really uncomfortable and unflattering, I actually bought shorts that were comfortable and looked good despite their label. I wore them recently and loved them.

It's not about the label. We all know the sizes are messed up. It's about your comfort and how you feel. I felt good in those shorts, and all I did was buy a bigger size that wasn't squeezing me to death. The next time you're shopping for clothes, don't think about the label, don't let that bring you down. Think about how you feel and how you look. Your comfort level is all that should matter to you, not the size of the label.

I don't want to say embrace your body because that's cheesy, but I will say embrace your comfort. The label doesn't matter. Don't let it bring you down. Think of how good you'll feel when you see yourself in clothes that you feel good in.

Trust me, buying the bigger size is so worth it. It's time to work on our comfort confidence. Being confident and comfortable within our clothes and us.

The self confidence is worth it.

The self love is worth it.

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  1. did you not think to become a professional writer ? :)

  2. I LOVE THIS. also hunni, I studied Fashion. You are right, sizing for stores may vary and that's also bec of where the company is originally based at or sometimes made. For ex: Chinese sizes are a lot smaller thab regular

    Also I heard fashionnova is a good place for pants. I looked online there personally but it looks like it's not for me as I do NOT have hips. Which i want to :( lol!

  3. Woow nice post why you don't try to do a freelance job. Your English is perfect. And you are right about the sizes is like that

  4. I always give way more importance to comfort over looks. Well you are totally right about sizes. And self confidence is indeed the most important tool!

  5. This year I brought a playsuit and I finally got the confident to wear it. I also hate my legs and I usually hide it, but this year the weather been so hot I thought sod it and just do it. I did and I feel pleased that I wore a playsuit and showed my legs. xx

  6. We should embrace the body we have, buy clothes that fit comfortably and wear them without reservations. The sizing of clothes may differ which is why we should get the ones that actually complement our body shape and size. Stores from different countries have different sizing.

    Grace |


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